Welcome to Utah Game Audio!

Next event: June 3rd at Kafeneio!

Interested in chatting, hanging out, and geeking out with a growing network of Utah game audio students, hobbyists, and professionals? You're in the right place! Regardless of your experience, you are welcome here. Audio folks who have moved out of Utah are also welcome! We've got several ways for you to keep in touch with local audio peeps and happenings. Check 'em out!

Game audio music jam incoming! We're organizing #SampleJam, an Itch.io game audio composition jam running June 10th to June 23rd. In preparation, we need the Utah Game Audio community to submit some short royalty-free samples for participants to use. Samples can be pretty much anything less than a second or two (as long as you made them and there's no copyright infringement) but the crazier the better. We've already got some submissions plus we're planning on creating some wacky samples together at the next meetup! If you're interested in contributing samples (which will only be used for the purposes of this jam), email info@utahgameaudio.com with the following:

Once again, the crazier the better. Get 'em in!